Humboldt Broncos Survivor Ryan Straschnitzki Walked For The First Time Post-Surgery

For anybody who has been following along with Ryan Straschnitzki's recovery since the crash on April 6, 2018, you know that this man is an absolute warrior. Unfortunately for Straschnitzki, he was paralyzed from the chest down after the crash. But that hasn't stopped him from getting back onto the ice. He was born to be a hockey player and he wasn't going to let anything stop him from being a hockey player. So Ryan Straschnitzki picked up sledge hockey and now he's training to hopefully be able to make the Canadian Paralympic Sledge Hockey team for the 2026 Winter Olympics. 

But a couple weeks ago, Ryan and his family travelled to Bangkok for a procedure to recover some function in his legs. He had a device implanted in spinal cord that sends electrical currents from the brain to spinal cord tissue. Just some incredible stuff so a real quick shoutout here goes to modern medicine. I mean how anybody was ever able to even think of this procedure is beyond me, let alone having it work. Because after surgery, Ryan was able to move his legs with a little assistance. 

2 weeks later and he's taking steps. Again, just beyond incredible. And as we all know, Ryan has some buddies, brothers and coaches that are no longer here. So you have to imagine that he's thinking about those guys with each and every single step he's taking here. Which has to make this moment even that much more special to him. Those guys might not be around to take steps of their own, by Ryan Straschnitzki is here to take those steps for them and carry on that legacy. Just a total warrior, man. Stick taps and stick taps and stick taps. 

h/t BarDown