This Pass Is So Outrageous I've Watched It 1,000 Times And It's Still Breaking Everyone's Brain On Twitter

I have a lot of questions here. First off, what in all things holy is this? I'm a big fan of passing, it's why I couldn't get enough of a dude like Milos Teodosic and why I posted a Jason Williams blog. There's just something beautiful about it. But this? This pass has broken, well, everyone's brains. The boys at Mickstape, me, the people responding to the boys at Mickstape and pretty much everyone at Twitter. 

Every single one of these questions and reactions are correct. It's legit one of the best passes I've seen, especially with the lefty bonus points. We're no less than 3 inches away from a ball directly to the face of another player at 100mph. Would that have made a better blog? Perhaps. But this pass is flat out absurd and it took over Twitter for some time last night.