Rick Barnes Would Be The Softest Human Alive If Memphis/Tennessee Are Done Playing Each Other Because Of Penny Trying To Bully Him

Goddamnit, Rick this is not what we need. Memphis/Tennessee is one of those rivalries that's fueled with hate and just because you constantly say things like 'God told me not to take the UCLA job' doesn't mean you can just cancel this rivalry. Especially when we know the real reason here. You're mad that Penny bullied you in year 1, even in a loss. Hell, your own fan base is calling you soft! 

Blue checkmarks just don't call anybody soft either.

So in case you missed it last year, here's what happened. Jordan Bone (Tennessee) and Anthony Lomax (Memphis) both got technicals for jawing with each other in the last minute. Penny went on to claim that Tennessee was trying to initiate a fight and that they had fists clenched ready to do so. It led to this icy handshake, which are the best kind of coach handshakes:


Penny then dropped some of these quotes: 

Personally, I love this shit. I'm so sick of coaches and players giving us boring ass interviews. Tell me how you really feel. Can we stop pretending like we're mad when someone speaks their mind and says a bunch of shit about their rival? It's awesome. If you think otherwise you're lying. 

So fast forward to this week and it's all Rick Barnes saying he doesn't think the rivalry will be extended. Let's not beat around the bush. Him and Penny hate each other. He doesn't want this extended because Penny keeps talking shit and bullying him. 

I need this rivalry to continue. Where else can we get someone shitting behind a concession stand?