Welcome To The Bray Baes, Wanny. Dave Wannstedt Wants The Bears To Start Tyler Bray

(Source)–I would play (Bray), I truly would,” Wannstedt said Tuesday on The Score’s Mully & Haugh Show. “I would not waste a game or two with Chase Daniel, I wouldn’t. I would play this young kid and see if he can do anything, because he played good in the preseason in my opinion.”

Chicago’s loss to the Rams dropped their record to 4-6 on the year. They have a 1 percent chance to make the playoffs. Maybe it really is time to see what Bray has to offer.

“Playoff team, I’d go with Chase if Mitch couldn’t play. No playoff team, I’d play the young kid,” Wannstedt said.

At this point, why not? The Bears have nothing to lose and we know Daniel doesn’t have a future under center in Chicago. Bray may not either, but at 27 years old, he could at least audition to be the team’s long-term backup even if GM Ryan Pace moves on from Trubisky.

FINALLYThe movement has a legitimate voice. For so long it’s been just me screaming into a vaccuum about Tyler Bray

At this point I would like to relinquish the Iron Throne of the Tyler Bray fan club to Wanny. A real football guy who has some sense about him. We know what we have in Chase Daniel. We have run that experiment. The reason Tyler Bray is here is the same reason as Chase. He came from Kansas City with Matt Nagy and he knows the system. He’s Chase Daniel with a fucking HOSE of an arm

I mean just look at his 2013 Pre-draft scouting report


  • Cannon for an arm

  • Quick release

  • Plus mechanics

  • Big pocket presence

  • Great height

  • Can make all the throws

  • Good deep-ball thrower

  • Experience in a pro offense

  • Field vision is at a good starting point

  • Has the potential to compete quickly

  • Displays a gunslinger mentality

  • Huge upside

Sounds like the Bears signed Josh Allen by accident. You can’t teach height, you can’t teach arm strength, and you can’t teach having tremendous upside potential.

He was deemed a “project” coming out of college. Well, he’s just been sitting around, holding clip boards, studying film for 6 years. He might be ready.

More than anything, I just want something to be excited about on Sunday. Like, the season is over. Give me something interesting to watch. Tyler Bray, the guy behind door #2, is inherently more intersting because he is an unknown. Is he good? Almost certainly not. Can he make Sunday against the Giants more fun, absolutely. Just put him out there and tell him to sling it. If you don’t want to see Tyler Bray on Sunday I don’t want to know you. The people have spoken