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Shout Out To This Umpire That Walked Out Of A Baseball Game He Was Calling Because A Bunch Of Parents Were Taunting Him

I am sure that there are some Hardos out there that think this ump was wrong for Cowboy Joe West'ing his own ass off the diamond. But I say fuck that. Have you ever watched a game of travel baseball as an adult? It's not very fun. Getting paid to watch that nonsense is about as fun as getting paid to correct the grammatical errors on Barstool Sports (dot) com. 

But if you have to watch that crap in order to make ends meet, you shouldn't have to get chirped by a bunch of parents sipping Starbucks with puffy vests on. They are only watching that vague resemblance of baseball because they birthed one of the players and at least they got some sex out of the deal. Making a couple of bucks to watch shitty baseball is one thing. But being subjected to taunts like you are that Bagel Boss asshole simply because you called a strike that some suburban mom or dad hated as much as their monotonous day-to-day lives is a bridge too far. So I applaud this ump for not only calling it a day a few innings early but for recreating the Michael Jordan "fuck them kids" meme in real life with the ultimate casual power move.

Also, it's crazy to see TikTok slowly become the next platform where video go viral after being the elephant's graveyard of the internet where people like KenJac find the sickest fucks on the planet.

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