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Oh, Hell Yeah! Rick Pitino Decided To Return To Coach For A Team That Has Jimmer And An Owner Placing Thongs On Rival Benches

Oh, fuck yeah. EuroLeague just got put on notice baby. Rick Pitino is BACK, back. First he became the head coach of the Greek national team: 

And now he decided to return to Panathinkaikos after saying he was done 5 months ago in order to search for jobs back in America - I.e. find a college job again. I need Rick Pitino to be a head coach because there's always content following him. Just take a quick look at some of the blogs from the last season involving him and his team: 


I want Rick Pitino back in college hoops so bad. He's a top-5 all time coach, no doubt about it. You can't just ignore what he did at Providence, Kentucky and Louisville. No one can. But if we can't have him where we all want, coaching in Europe is a way better option. The leagues over there are lawless and you never know what the hell is going to happen. I need Pitino in that environment. 

Let's not forget this either. Jimmer is now there! I mean name a more electric duo than those two. I might have to honor this relationship by staying up late night and watching grainy video in order to watch Jimmer again. BYU Jimmer was that awesome.

Next up for Ricky P: President of Greece.