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I Think The Lakers Just Found The Third Member Of Their Big 3 And He Is A Kid With The Wettest Jumper In LA

In case every great big man having some sort of unwritten agreement that he will end up with the Lakers wasn't a big enough advantage for the Lake Show, they are now solving their team's biggest weakness of outside shooting by pulling children out of the stands that just so happen to be walking buckets during their in-game entertainment. It's just not fair. Forget about rebooting Space Jam. I think LeBron just #witnessed Like Mike getting remade in real life.

I know the haters will say Maxx (Going with the double X is such a bad ass way to spell you kid's name btw) was making it rain leather without anyone guarding him. But it's not like defenses are going to stop trying to double Anthony Davis and LeBron made championship chicken salad out of Knicks chickenshit JR Smith and Iman Shumpert. Plus Maxx was hitting shots all over the hardwood. Inside, outside, and from the free throw line with all eyes on him. 

The best part about all this is going to be when LeBron unleashes his inevitable passive-aggressive social media posts about his teammates in Februrary, they will definitely include veiled shots about how some people won't stay up past their bedtime and eat all of their vegetables in order to become great while the teammate he is talking about isn't able to see it because he isn't old enough to have his own cell phone. Simply perfect. 

Don't let the haters or The King get to your head, Free J Maxx. Because your new team is going to need you, especially if Kyle Kuzma's eye keeps leaking plasma.