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Ladies And Gentlemen...The Morgan Frost Era Has Officially Begun

Oh my sweet lord baby jesus. Morgan Frost. The Snowman with some ridiculously filthy paws in his first career game for his first career tuck in the National Hockey League. Game 1, goal 1. And they don't come much prettier than this.

Right on the doorstep. Pretty much zero space between he and Bobrovsky. And somehow he still manages to go backhand roof job, right over Bobrovksy's shoulder. It's a goddamn work of art. Keep in mind that Bobrovsky is a 2-time Vezina winner. Nottabigdeal.

Now as for the rest of the Flyers...well it's been a pretty shitty night so far. They picked up the first goal of the game after Travis Sanheim sent a clap bomb past Bobrovsky, but then they gave up 4 straight goals and Carter Hart's night was over. This Frost goal makes it a 2-goal game heading into the 3rd but yeah, for some reason the Flyers are just total cheeks on the road. I'm gonna start petitioning now for 82 home games per season, and hopefully Morgan Frost plays in every single one of them because the kid is a certified beautician.