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Pedophile Prince Andrew's Interview About His Pal Jeffrey Epstein is Proof Positive Having Royalty is Ridiculously Stupid

In the words of legendary Law Enforcement Man Lt. Frank Drebin, "No matter how silly the idea of having queen might be to us, as Americans we must be gracious and considerate hosts." 

But that grace and considerations has limits. And they don't extend to the Queen's piece of shit son Prince Andrew, who apparently is the Duke of Whatever and probably the Duke of Some Other Thing and from what I just read, like 8th in line of succession to the pretend throne in the little fairy tale world of British royalty. When you're the second son of the fictional queen and there are still seven people in line ahead of you, that should say enough about what a bucket of guts you are as a human being. 

But it doesn't even begin to scratch the surface of this pampered creep.

Andrew was one of Jeffrey Epstein's best friends. For sure he was one of his most frequent visitors. And, unless you believe the fantasy the Royal family has put out there, one of Epstein's most loyal customers in the Underage Sex Trafficking Trade. He's been named specifically by Virginia Roberts, the victim who's been most outspoken as having raped her several times, on Epstein's say-so. This is the two of them together at the home of Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein's girlfriend and pimp.

The victim was 17 at the time. 

So over the weekend, Andrew sat down with the BBC for an hour long interview. And having to sit through it is so excruciating and nauseating, it should be part of BUD/S training for Navy SEALs. Here are just a few of the lowlights:

First he said he has no recollection of ever meeting his accuser. When that picture was thrown in his face, he suggested it might have been Photoshopped because it was was taken upstairs in that house and he had never been upstairs. How he knows what the upstairs looks like in a house he'd never been upstairs in, is up to the rest of us to guess. Prince powers, maybe. Then he said it couldn't be him because he never goes around London without a suit and tie. And within minutes, Twitter was filled with photos of him going around London dressed exactly the same:

It gets worse. The victim described dancing with him at a club and he was sweating his ass off. So this thin lipped wanker claimed that's not possible, because he doesn't sweat. He can't. And you know why? Because he's a war hero. He said he was shot at in The Falklands War, and as a result he can't produce sweat - a medical condition known as Non-Existent, Virtue-Signalling Bullshit Meant to Paint a Rape Victim as a Liar. And Twitter responded there too, with pictures of him sweating like a hooker in church:


Oh, and his claim that he would never grind up on a woman in a club because it's a bad look for a prince? About that:

I could go on. But the kicker was when Andrew said he went to visit Epstein in New York after the world's most prolific child molester got out of jail for molesting children because … he wanted to break up with him. Why didn't just call? Or text? Or ghost Epstein like any human being with a shred of decency would've done? Because it was the "honorable" thing to do. So honorable, he stayed for four days at Epstein's house while camera crews recorded high school age girls coming and going. 

Why stay with a guy you're unfriending, you may ask? Because it was "convenient." Right. Because it's not like New York City has a lot of hotels. Or that the ones they do have are available on a royal prince's budget. The Super 8 must've been booked solid.

The finally he wrapped it up, by talking about all the hundreds if not thousands of victims and making a plea that they get help and find justice in this life if not the next. Just kidding. He talked about one person, his dead partner in pedophilia, Jeffrey Epstein. He might have called Virginia Roberts a liar, but he saved his harshest words for the man who ruined countless lives. Of Epstein he said, “He has quite obviously conducted himself in a manner that was unbecoming…” 

Whoa. That'll leave a mark. Imagine. It's not enough that you were probably murdered in your jail cell by powerful forces that don't want to you to out them. Now to be called "unbecoming" by your royal friend? That's got to be worse for Epstein than having Satan's fiery pitchfork shoved up his ass for eternity. 

But for the UK, this is what you get when enable family of freeloaders to live off your dime tuppence for the sole reason that they're a dozen generations removed from people who actually ran things. Who made decisions. Built empires. Declared wars. And if you want to go back a few centuries, led battles from the front. What you end up with is a damaged, inbred, useless collection of upper crust twits who can't even get through an interview without humiliating themselves because they've spent their whole wretched lives in a protective bubble, never having to answer to anyone. Surrounded by servants and underlings who are supposed to be inferior because their blood is considered not as good as a prince's. Their fucking blood. So the first time one of these hot house flowers has to have a conversation with someone who's not a paid sycophant, it blows up in his weak chinned face. 


I for one don't think I've ever been prouder that 250 years ago, we forced this twat's ancestors off our land at the point of a musket. Or more grateful for the young men who bled the ground red to do so. Enjoy your next extravagant, taxpayer funded wedding, Britain. I hope it's worth it to you.