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Emily Ratajkowski Has Reinvented Shirts, Introducing: Not Wearing A Shirt

(source)–My friend was saying to me that wearing what you want to wear is a test. If someone doesn’t take you seriously, that isn’t a person you want to work with anyway,” the star told Vogue. “For me, because it is such a micro mini, there is something a little ‘f—k you’ about it. We have all been in situations, like, ‘Is this appropriate to wear?’”

Added Ratajkowski, “I like the idea of wearing the type of suit that I want to wear without having to worry about whether it is offensive to anyone.”

The “Los Feliz” Blazer ($135) and “Vista” Skirt ($75) come in four colors — camel, burnt orange, black and baby blue — and Ratajkowski cited “Clueless” and “Ally McBeal” as inspiration for the set, as well as her own wedding, to which she wore a mustard yellow suit from Zara.

Everyone, please stand and applaud.

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Aren’t you tired of wondering “does this shirt go with this?” or “is this wrinkled?. Aren’t you tired of constantly shopping for new clothes and paying the dry cleaning bills. Those are problems of the past thanks to one visionary who finally recognized that shirts for women were outdated.

Ladies, now you can confidently walk into a business meeting with your tits out! It’s empowring. If you’re thinking “is this appropriate?” well just remember the proper response to that question is “fuck you” per Emily herself. You don’t need to wear a shirt. All you need is the best body of any one whoever walked the face of the Earth.

PS: The original: Sue Ellen Mischke