Metra Spottings: A Woman Going Ham On Some Kleenex

Hey, listen...there's no telling where this lady is going. Maybe her stop is the last one. Maybe her train was delayed because somebody threw a bike on the tracks...

There's also no telling what could've went wrong in her day. Maybe she missed lunch because a meeting ran too long. Maybe she forgot her Twix for the train ride home.

Alot of maybes that the guy filming just doesn't know. Hell, she also could've been just doing this to get on that My Strange Addiction show too.

So there's my official stance on it: Let's learn more about the person/situation before we fully decide if she regularly enjoys tissue paper like a 6 year old or not.*

*I don't know why I felt like being a benefit of the doubt guy toward the weirds on the train, but hey here we are.