The Sixers Need To Sign Dave Chappelle, And Yes I'm Talking About The Only Dave Chappelle You'd Think I'd Be Talking About

For some reason or another, Dave Chappelle was at the Lakers' practice yesterday. Now I'm not entirely sure what his contract situation is looking like but after watching these clips, I'm convinced that he'd be a great addition to the Sixers' lineup. 

As you'll see in these clips, Chappelle doesn't make a single shot. But guess what? At least he's taking the shots, unlike a current player on the Sixers roster. And even if he's not making the shots, it's not like he's Tobias Harris and getting paid a max contract to constantly miss. 

The Sixers clearly need somebody to open up the floor a little. They need to bring in someone who isn't afraid to shoot from 3 and that'll spread the defense out, which will then open up more room inside for the big fellas to do their job. If nobody else is going to create that space for the Sixers with an outside shot, well then why not bring in Dave Chappelle? It's not like the shooting for this team could possibly get any worse, right? Right.