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Cow Finally Gets Revenge On Farmer After Being Milked Relentlessly For Years

You know what? I’m happy for that cow and I’ll tell you why. Cows reallllllllly got the short end of the stick in terms of quality of life. Don’t get me wrong, I’m heavy meat eater, but we really do put cows through the ringer just so we can stuff our faces. I’m all for it because I love a good steak or a good cheeseburger like everybody else but we don’t let cows roam free, we butcher their bodies for food and we milk them. We milk them! How embarrassing does that have to be for a cow? To be milked over and over and over again just so humans can enjoy a bowl of cereal? Kinda fucked up.

Again, I eat TONS of meat and I will never stop eating TONS of meat. I’ve seen all the horrific videos everyone talks about when it comes to animal cruelty and how bad the conditions are for the animals that eventually end up on our plates. Any piece of anti-meat eating propaganda has yet to sway me but, in the paraphrased words of Kevin Malone, it was just nice to see the cows win one. That cow was able to let off some much needed steam (and was likely killed for meat soon after).