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#PhotogTough: The Photographer Who Got Knocked Out After Getting Ran Over On The Sideline By A Georgia Player Is Okay And She Got The Best Shot Of The Day

Have you ever watched a sports photographer work? Some of those maniacs end up running around more than the players they're taking pictures of. They're always buzzing up and down the sidelines as play goes on, lugging around comically large cameras, dropping to a knee, firing off about 100 quick shots, and then it's on to the next one. Next time you're at a game, just take 3 minutes to watch them go to work.

Now while all that is happening, there's also a game going on. And sometimes the game spills over onto the sidelines. That's what happened on Sunday when Brian Herrien was getting hit out of bounds right before halftime in Georgia vs Auburn. Unfortunately for Chamberlain Smith, she was right there when it happened and got completely bulldozed. But Chamberlain Smith is PhotogTough. She's not going to let a little knee to the jaw stop her from doing her job. So even as she was about to get ran over, she was there to do one thing and one thing only--her job. 

Leaves the hospital with nothing more than a concussion, got the shot, becomes an immediate legend. I mean look at that thing. It's beautiful. The framing. The focus. All of it. Just a ridiculous shot to catch right before getting ran through. LeBron James could never. Could you imagine if this happened him? He'd retire right then and there on the spot. 

How 'bout them fuckin' Dawgs.