What’s With Antonio Brown Apologizing to Mr. Kraft?

“Mr. Kraft, I sincerely apologize to you and your organization! All I wanted was to be an asset to your organization; sorry for the bad media and the drama ! Thank you sincerely, AB.”

Holy moly. What a mystery box this guy is. He’s been in the public guy for 10 years and I still can’t figure him out. He’s a Russian Nesting Doll of contradictions. He comes to New England and ask like a changed man. A week into his time here, and he’s creeping out some woman with vague threats and pictures of her kids. The Patriots let him go, and he’s making allusions to Mr. Kraft’s hand job related issues. Now months later and he comes out of the clouds with this unsolicited apology. It just makes no sense.

Seriously, what’s the endgame here? A guy like Antonio Brown doesn’t put thumb to screen without it benefiting Antonio Brown. So what is this? A come-to-Jesus moment? Has he finally recognized the error of his ways? A moment of clarity where he he’s decided he wants to make amends to those he has disappointed? Is it a desperate attempt to get back on the field with Tom Brady? A cry for help maybe?

The one thing we can all agree on is that whatever this post is, it’s not something written by Antonio Brown himself. Judging by his past writings, he’s definitely more of a  “u & ur” guy  than a “you and your.” And the Mr. Big Chest we know isn’t a big semicolon user. My guess is AB wouldn’t know a semicolon if he had part of his lower intestine removed.

So this was definitely done by his lawyers as a long shot attempt to get back into Mr. Kraft’s good graces and possibly jump start his career. I’d be lying if I said no part of me wants to see it work. It’s tempting a hell to imagine him back in a Pats uniform. Especially after they’ve scored three touchdowns and punted 13 times in the last two games. But let’s not kid ourselves. The minute the Patriots re-instated him, the NFL would suspend him for the season.

So all this really accomplished was reminding us all what a truly weird individual Antonio Brown is.