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Uh, HOLY SHIT: LaMelo Ball Casually Tells Story Of Being 4 And Playing Hoops When Someone Upset About A Foul Shot Up The Gym While LaVar Carried All 3 Brothers Out

[Source] - LaMelo remembers one afternoon in a gym in a rough neighborhood in Los Angeles when he was four. He remembers shooting off to the side with LaVar while Lonzo and Gelo were playing pickup with grown men. Someone fouled hard, and a verbal altercation broke out. "All right! All right! I'mma be back!" one man threatened.

He did come back. He slid through the back door with a black hoodie on, carrying a gun. "Shot the whole gym up," LaMelo says. "Pop pop pop pop." He remembers how in a split second, his feet dangled in the air, his tiny body sheltered by his father's stomach. LaVar had scooped him, Lonzo and Gelo up in his arms, somehow carrying all three while running, running so hard, out of the gym.

This story is fucking wild and it's dropped way too casually in this story. I mean LaMelo is talking about being goddamn 4 years old and having someone shoot up the damn gym. I know there are people that will likely say this is false but I'm not going to do that. There's no reason to lie about something like this. 

It's a fascinating look at LaMelo Ball, who continues to be the most fascinating prospect out there. The dude is a legit top-5 talent. You're talking about a 6'7" guard that sees the floor and is showing an improvement shooting the ball. However, because of his name you think of the little shit that cherry picked to 90 points or whatever it was. 


Now, back to the gym situation and more importantly LaVar. This is the most dad thing ever. I know LaVar catches a bunch of heat for essentially pimping his own kids out and making outlandish comments. But, as a new dad this one stuck with me. You all of a sudden get instincts you never knew you had (I'm guessing this is the real dad strength). Can't say I've been remotely close to this situation, but you have a new sense to sniff out trouble and react quicker than ever the moment you become a dad. 

Just an absolutely insane story. 

Obligatory clip: