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Video Has Leaked Of Rear Admiral Singing Karaoke In Philly

So if you listened to the latest episode of Spittin' Chiclets, we discussed some serious sabotage that happened in Philly last week. Now that the video has been leaked, I think it is time Rear Admiral gets his justice.

In the early morning hours of Thursday, November 14th. Rear Admiral, along with his fellow Spittin' Chiclets co hosts Ryan Whitney and Paul Bissonnette were enjoying a night on the town. It had been a long week, tons of work got done, so the guys wanted to go have a few pops and blow off some steam. We all have our vices. Some people like to nap after a long week of getting content, some people like to workout. Well, RA likes to sing the Stones in front of a bunch of people and he did just that. 

Just an unbelievable performance by RA, too. Until there was clear and unsolicited sabotage against RA and basically everyone that is a fan of RA and Spittin' Chiclets. Biz was very quick to notice the Karaoke guy wasn't really feeling RA's set and the Karaoke DJ wouldn't answer to the people. So I think we all know who we can point the finger at here.

Just as legends do, RA finished the performance A cappella. Whit brought the question up on the podcast though, did the DJ have the right to pull the trigger on the performance? Is Dead Flowers a good karaoke song? I'll let you guys be the judge of that.