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Evansville Tries To Troll With A 'Coach Cal Cam' During Game vs. SMU, Deservedly Loses Game

Alright, we get it Evansville. You beat Kentucky. Don't you dare turn into the next UMBC where you consistently butt yourself into conversations that don't need you. UMBC's Twitter, which I guess credit to it since I notice it, constantly jumps in replies to remind people of the upset over Virginia. Some would say that's part of the reason why UMBC isn't going to win the America East. 

So naturally Evansville in its first real home game (they played a non-DI team) since the win decided to break out a Coach Cal Cam. Personally? It just shows me how much Calipari loves Kentucky and how much he lives and breathes with the team. Great to see that from my coach. But to do this when 1) you're currently losing the game and 2) when this happens seems suspect: 

I don't want to hate Evansville with Walter McCarty there. I respect Kentucky legends. But we're getting to dangerous territory here, Purples Aces. You already ruined a week for me once and now you're trolling. 2 strikes. I'm giving you one more thanks to Walter and then we have a full on rivalry.