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Golfer Takes On Kangaroo And Loses In Spectacular Fashion

Dude got absolutely bodied by that kangaroo. He never stood a chance. You’d think he had the upper hand because he was holding a golf club but kangaroos don’t fuck around. The guy got one good swing at the kangaroo but after that it was a blood bath in favor of the animal.

By the way the Fore Play boys are likely headed to Australia for the Presidents Cup in a couple weeks and I’m praying that this happens to Frankie or Riggs. PRAYING. I’m talking on my knees before bed and praying to the Lord above that one of them gets attacked by a kangaroo while we’re out there. Is that mean? No it’s not, I want it for the good of content. The people want to see one of them getting attacked by a kangaroo. With that attitude I’m probably setting myself up to be attacked by a kangaroo, and if that’s the case, then so be it. One of us NEEDS to get attacked by a kangaroo while we’re there. You can’t say you’ve been to Australia unless you get attacked by a roo. Everybody knows that.

#NeverForget the greatest Kangaroo vs Human to ever grace the internet

That video gets a laugh outta me 100% of the time and that’ll never change.