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Wake Up With The Malice At The Palace On Its 15th Anniversary

Nothing to get your blood flowing on a Tuesday morning like watching the craziest thing I've ever seen live. Can't think of a better way to wake up today, especially if you're the one fan who probably wakes up thanking God that Jermaine O'Neal slipped and didn't catch him with a clean punch. I mean it really had everything in terms of craziness. You had big names. You had fans involved. You had massive suspensions. You had a rivalry between the Pistons and Pacers.

I still want to know just how crazy the fan who threw the drink at Artest was/is. Or at least how drunk that person was. Do you know what it would take for me to throw a drink at Artest? Hint: I wouldn’t. 

These fines and suspensions still make me laugh with just how outrageous some of these are: 

Still can't believe this is something that happened before Twitter. One of the biggest snubs I can ever remember. Would have been an all time night on Twitter with some beautiful takes. 

In the mean time we can still enjoy fighting later this week though with RnR on Friday night.