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Does This Look The Face Of A Guy Who Was Arrested For Assaulting Another Man With Full Pop Cans?

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Press Citizen- A Coralville man has been charged with assault after he allegedly threw pop cans at another man in downtown Iowa City. According to an Iowa City police complaint, officers on foot patrol near the corner of Washington and Dubuque streets were flagged down by a person who said 31-year-old Justin C. Bozarth, of Ninth Avenue, was yelling and throwing pop cans at another person. Upon arrival, police witnessed Bozarth throw a full can toward another man, according to police. The victim told police he was sitting on a bench when Bozarth became upset, attacked him with two full cans and requested they fight, police say. Bozarth posted a blood alcohol content of .071 and has been charged with assault, a simple misdemeanor.

Listen, if you want to assault another human being, that’s fine.  Maybe that’s not the best message to put out there but people assault each other all the time.  It’s going to happen regardless if I say so or not.  It’s part of the real world.  But I’ll be damned if I’m going to sit on the sidelines while this weird looking mother fucker recklessly messes with the integrity of perfectly fine and unshaken pop cans.  No sir.  Not on my watch.  That’s crossing the line.  Think about the innocent person who picked these cans up after I’m assuming the guy who got hit with them was carted off to the hospital because full cans of pop are no joke.  Probably had to get stitches and everything.  Full pop cans are like little missiles when placed in the hands of a psycho with big holes in his ears..  The person who picked those cans up and opened them likely got a geyser in the face and that’s not fair.  I refuse to live in a world where opening up what you perceive to be an unshaken pop can is actually a grenade just waiting for you for you to pull the pin.  If that becomes the norm then this world has officially spiraled into anarchy.

PS- Before everybody throws a hissy fit about me calling it pop and not soda, here’s the headline from the article.  That’s how we say it around here.  Deal with it.

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