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Start Your Day With All The Morgan Frost Highlights You Could Ask For

Happy Morgan Frost Day to you and yours. In about 10 hours from now, Morgan Frost will be making his NHL debut. And now finally the Flyers are ready to win the Brayden Schenn trade. Frost was drafted 27th overall in 2017 with one of the picks the Flyers got back from St. Louis for Brayden Schenn. The other pick in that trade was Joel Farabee. Now for the first time they'll both be in the Flyers' lineup and they're both in the top 6. Frost gets to center the top line right away with Giroux and Konecny on his wings. Farabee moves into that Konecny spot on the 2nd line with Couturier and Lindblom. Farabee is 19, Frost is 20, Konecny is 22 and Lindblom is 23. The future, boys and girls, is officially here. 

So just keep these highlights on repeat from now until 7pm tonight. Let us have a day.