This Reddit User Had A Dream About The Entire Astros Sign Stealing Scandal About A Month Ago And Nailed EVERYTHING About It

Two things:

1. I really don't do reddit.  Never really have.  I peruse through the Barstool one and that's basically it.  But over the last few days I've been balls deep in the MLB Reddit because of the Astros' scandal and found a WHOPPER this morning.

2. I'm not too into the supernatural, but I might just have to be now.  Like... what the fuck is going on here?  Here is the original. post and screen shot, via Reddit user meme-engineer:

I had a dream a couple weeks back when the astros were playing the rays, it was that after the post season finished a news story came out that the astros had a team of people deciphering signs with cameras and then that team relayed the signal to transponders that were worn in the cleats of the top (trusted not to snitch) astros players, the transponders would vibrate according to what pitch was coming (example: once for fastball, twice for off speed) But it was just a dream haha. That wouldn't happen.

That is WILD shit.  Quite literally everything he "dreamed" up a month ago is coming to fruition as we speak.  The cameras in CF?  Yup.  That's been the story of baseball for the last week.  But now the electronic transponders?  Yup!  That's dominated the baseball world as well in the last 24 hours.  Like… they're trying to pull Casino type shit:

Joel Sherman of the NY Post had an article come out on this newly discovered method last night, and had this quote:

In recent days I have had scouts and executives talk to me about a variety of methods they think have been or could be employed, such as a realistic-looking electronic bandage placed on a player’s body that buzzes in real time to signal what is coming — one buzz for a fastball, for example — if the surveillance determines what type of pitching is coming. One person I spoke to has ties to the Astros and said he already had spoken to MLB’s investigators.

That's fucked up fam.  This is compromising the integrity of our beautiful game x1000.  Every day that passes by the Astros look worse, and their punishment should be all the more severe.  Yesterday I mentioned that I thought there might be legit lifetime bans for people as important as Jeff Lunhow, though I admitted that was sheer speculation.  But with every passing day I feel like lifetime banishments are all the more possible.  They are going to get HAMMERED for this.  It's going to be a black eye on baseball for a long, long time.

This story is so goddamn wild.

Nevertheless, back to the Thesis of this blog: who is reddit user "meme-engineer"?  Right now, I think it could possibly be the following people:

1. Trevor Bauer: self admitted science nerd, has been calling out the Astros for sign stealing for ages, mechanical engineering major at UCLA

2. Jared Carrabis: apparently was in cahoots with the Astros' best player on the sign stealing and perhaps wrote this post because he had a guilty conscious and needed to get it off his chest.

3.  God: can predict the future (I think)

I don't see any other possibilities at the moment.  It's one of those three.  Either that or this guy is a goddamn precog from Minority Report.