The Iso-Cam on Brendan Leipsic's Shift Will Immediately Make Him Your Favorite Hockey Player

Anaheim Ducks v Washington Capitals

ICYMI, yesterday the Caps killed the Ducks in a very fun game that included a line brawl. You can read about that here. Then they put out the iso video of just Brendan Leipsic’s shift, and well, watch for yourself:

That’s one of the best shifts you’ll see this year, maybe even this month. It goes:

Big hit

Takes 3 cross checks without flinching

Another huge hit

Draws the attention of every Ducks player on the ice

Play still live though!

Caps score!

Mele ensues

Screen Shot 2019-11-19 at 10.53.52 AM

That’s how you earn a sweater night in and night out. Plus he’s producing-  7 points in 23 games for the 4th liner, playing around 10 minutes a night. That’s exactly what you want out of him, and he’s doing it big.

It’s crazy how good this Caps team is playing. Sitting atop the NHL at 16-3-4, including 10-1-1 on the road. Best goal differential, most goals scored by a margin of 15(!!!!) – the Caps have scored 89 goals this year, the next best is 74. That’s ridiculous. And how about how hot Holtby is right now- 10-0-1 in his last 11 starts, including 6-0 in November with a 1.95 ERA and .935 save %.

Meanwhile John Carlson is 3rd in the league in points, Ovi is 3rd in the league in goals, and the team has the 7th best PP and 6th best PK. Talk about clicking on all cylinders.

So on we go. Hopefully everyone stays healthy and the team keeps clicking and getting better. It’s a long, long season, just get us to the playoffs in good shape, that’s all I ask.

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