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Mötley Crüe Is The Latest Band To Announce Their Reunion, Coming 2020

Almost 6 years after signing a Cessation of Touring agreement, the contract is off the table because a whole new generation of Crüeheads are relentlessly demanding for the band to come back together. Following the huge success of their NETFLIX biopic THE DIRT, Mötley Crüe has seen a massive surge in new audience. And the band best known for breaking the rules has destroyed their cessation of touring contract in true Mötley Crüe-fashion, by literally blowing it up.

After 35 years together on stage, and 30 years since the release of Dr. Feelgood, the members of Mötley Crüe parted ways without speaking to each other after their Final Show on December 31, 2015.

Vince, Nikki, Mick and Tommy didn’t come together again until 2018 to participate in the making of THE DIRT movie, which unexpectedly brought them closer together again including seeing them head back into the recording studio after having gone in their own directions for several years. The fuse was lit.

THE DIRT currently enjoys an audience score of 95% on Rotten Tomatoes. And its massive global success earlier this year saw Mötley Crüe’s popularity rush to new highs, catapulting the band’s music back to the top of the worldwide charts with the younger 18-44 demographic now representing 64% of the band’s fanbase. Moreover, in the six months following the release of THE DIRT, Mötley Crüe has celebrated a meteoric rise of almost 350% increase in streams of their music across all streaming platforms. However, most of the new fans have never seen any of the legendary live shows that Crüeheads have relished for close to 4 decades.

Well holllly fuck. There’s been a beautiful wave of rock n’ roll bands reuniting as of late. From Rage Against The Machine, to The Black Crowes, to My Chemical Romance – they all span a bunch of different eras and subsections of rock, and honestly, I was starting to question whether or not shit could get crazier…but it just did!

Mötley Crüe is BACK six years after retiring (and signing a supposed “iron-clad” contract that guaranteed them never to do what they’re doing right now) for a STADIUM TOUR with Def Leppard (Sweet!) & Poison (Yuck!), and it’s pretty much because people loved ‘The Dirt’ on Netflix!

I sure as shit could NOT have predicted that was gonna happen at the beginning of the year, and while it ain’t no secret that the band certainly ain’t in their prime anymore, I’m still excited for this!

Obviously, it’s a big ol’ cash grab. I know that. $150mil is the rumored number. Obviously, Vince Neil isn’t really in any shape to be on stage anymore – physically or vocally. Well aware. He’s also rumored to be losing weight or else this wouldn’t be happening. Obviously, I’m terrified about the notion of Mick Mars going on tour again, given how he looked towards the end. You’d hope that if they’re making sure Vince could withstand it, they’ll do the same with Mick, but who knows. Obviously, Tommy and Vince still slammin the booze heavily could cause real problems. That’s one of those things that is a concern with most of the rock n’ roll bands tho. Cross that bridge if you get to it.

At the end of the day, people have been rolling their eyes and saying the same exact shit about a ton of these aging rock n’ roll bands for decades, and while it’s all valid and I completely understand if you feel they don’t deserve your money – Crüe is Crüe for me. I know for a fact I’ll be able to put that aside all that nonsense for a night, forget about it entirely, and have a fuck ton of fun at a Mötley concert, singing along to all of my favorite tunes at the top of my lungs pretty much no matter how they sound!

I really learned that lesson this year with the KISS Farewell Tour. I’m a huge KISS fan, maybe even a bit of a KISS snob, and all the talk about this final tour from the diehards was about how Paul Stanley is lip-syncing and how horrible a show they were putting on because of that. I bought into the hate for a bit, and it bummed me out a little! Then, I bought myself a single ticket to their show at Madison Square Garden in March, spur-of-the-moment, day-of, and I gotta tell ya – they put on a great fucking show. Not a good show. A GREAT show. Was Paul lip-syncing? Yep, I think so!!! I’d say definitely! Did I care?! Nope! Not even a little. Wound up going back when they looped around to Brooklyn and took my pal Glenny Balls along for the ride, and he had a great time as well!

You get a few drinks in ya, you get some (responsible) drugs in ya – all the doubts should subside, and AT WORST – you’ll be left with a night where you’re singing your favorite songs with thousands of rabid fans just like yourself, celebrating the legacy of a band very worth celebrating, and for me, that all makes it worth it!

It’d certainly be more fun than sitting at home and listening to that band for a night, at least personally. Maybe I’d feel differently if I were around to see these bands in their prime. For now, I’ll take what I can get.

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