Does This Look Like The Face Of A Wealthy Mayor Who Tossed Dog Shit Into An Activist's Law Due To A Fight About A Dog Park?

Screen Shot 2014-06-11 at 9.35.54 AM


Mirror- Dennis Kneier, mayor of San Marino, California, has apologised after being caught on CCTV throwing the bag of dog waste onto the front lawn of Philip Lao. The mayor – who doesn’t own a dog – picked up the excrement after finding it lying in the street but said he had made “a mistake” by throwing it into Mr Lao’s garden. Mr Lao claims the pair have been at loggerheads over a proposed dog park near his home, which he has opposed by putting ‘no poop zone’ signs up outside his property. After the footage was captured by a CCTV camera outside his home, Mr Lao passed the film on to local police and media.

Nothing like some good ol fashioned mud slinging in politics.  Or in this case, dog poop slinging.  I loved this story up until the moment when he decided to apologize.  Why? Because he got caught on tape?  All is fair game if you ask me.  And if I’m a voter is this guy’s district, I’m a little weary of him now.  I don’t want a guy that folds under public scrutiny running my town.  It’s the Steve Coburn situation all over again.  We were all on his side when instead of apologizing he doubled down and said something about playing basketball against a kid in a wheelchair.  Love that type of charisma and stubbornness.  Then he made a teary apology on CNN and we all hate him now.  Same goes for this guy.  If you decide to throw dog shit into some guy’s yard over a political battle, own it.  People will love you for it.  But if you tuck your tail between your legs then you’re just a pussy.  What’s that old saying?  Stand for something or fall for anything?  Case in point.  Stand up for your dog shit trowing ways, old man.