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Weekend Instagram Video Showdown: Paulina Gretzky vs. Bar Refaeli

Screen shot 2013-07-07 at 9.54.36 PM






Bar Refaeli just put an all-time beatdown on Gretzky! You think you’re hot shit? Think you’re the new girl in town? Wrong! Refaeli is still the queen bee. I don’t know if Gretzky’s video is old, but not only does she look not hot, she looks borderline ugly. She relies on her Instagram filters and slutty poses for people to fawn over her. Meanwhile Bar can roll out of bed, break a sweat and rip the TRX machine and still look like Helen of Troy.


Vote 1 for Gretzky because you like the anorexic rat look, 10 for Refaeli because that’s the clearly the correct answer

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