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The CoD Squad Makes Our Triumphant Return To Halo Today On Twitch

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We’re going live for a little Call of Duty on Twitch featuring the #1 Duo In The Office – Glenny Balls & myself – but after about thirty minutes or so, we’ll be making the jump back to our roots, where it all started for us on Twitch: Halo.

We’ll be ticklin all the nostalgic bones you’ve got when we run back Bloodgulch, Lockout, Hang Em High, Ascension, and more! Also, we’ll be answering questions from the chat throughout, so join on in and we’ll have some fun!

Stay tuned in to my Twitter account as well, because I’m going to start filming my ‘Jedi: Fallen Order’ Let’s Play series this week, and you will be able to watch the live unedited gameplay on Twitch. Should be a blast!

P.S. When you tune in, drop us a “YP is a douche” in the chat. For old times sake.