The Jaguars Are Dead

It is with a heavy heart that I announce that the Jaguars are dead. This Jacksonville Jaguars team is done. We need a reset. I thought for a while that we could turn the team around but we just cant. Minshew wasnt enough. Foles coming back wasnt enough. 

The defense has gotten fucking terrible over the last year. No one seems to know how to tackle. For the 3rd time this season, the Jaguars have allowed a team to have TWO 100 rushers from the opposing team. Yesterday, the Colts had 9 attempts that went over 10 yards. It's a fucking pathetic display week after week at this point. 

The worst part about the Jaguars thrashing yesterday was that it came off the bye week. To get completely destroyed like that off the bye is just so painful to watch. 

Nick Foles. Can we talk about ole Nick for a second? I know lots of you Philly fans love him because he won a Super Bowl. I get that. He's no longer that dude. He played so conservatively yesterday that I thought he was going to take off his helmet and we'd find out that the ghost of Ronald Regan was under there throwing passes 7 yards too short on 9 routes. It was checkdown after checkdown after checkdown. 

It was a bad day that left the Jaguars at 4-6. The season is over. Doug Marrone's time in Jax will be over. Dave Caldwell's time will be over. Tom Coughlin's time will be over. My time of watching every snap is over*. Thankful for the Red Zone for the rest of the year because this offense and defense arent worth watching. 

*it's not over. it's a sickness