Post Season Fan Duel - Should I Even Be Allowed To Play?

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Serious question should I even be allowed to enter the Fan Duel playoff tournaments? I feel like as the New York representative, I shouldn’t even be allowed to enter this week’s league. Between all NY teams being absolutely dreadful, and my average Fan Duel finish during the regular season being about 450th, I don’t even deserve to participate in anything post season related. So thats one extra spot for you guys this week. $25,000 up for grabs. I’ll be in the corner fucking myself thinking about Patrick McGillicuddy.


1.     $25,000 in prizes

2.     $4,000 for 1st, $2,500 for 2nd, $1,500 for 3rd

3.     Prizes down to 70th place

4.     $50 entry