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Quick Update From College Hoops: Every Team Stinks This Year

Just a little quick update here. There are no good teams in college hoops this year. That's not a knock on them or the sport, it's going to make for an awesome year. There are going to be a million upsets, there are about 20 teams that feel like they could be top-10 teams but no one feels like a top-5 team. Just look at some of the top teams: 

Kentucky - beats Michigan State, loses to fucking Evansville

Michigan State - beats Seton Hall, loses to Kentucky who lost to fucking Evansville

Duke - Beat Kansas, who looked awful, plenty of questions about roster 

UNC - Cole Anthony is fun and then what? 

Kansas - Lost to Duke, beat Monmouth by 50 but Monmouth really won the game with the dunk

Maryland - Mark Turgeon is still the head coach

Virginia - keeps holding teams to 40 points, but don't feel like they have enough offense

Texas Tech - love Chris Beard, but the team is based around a top-40 recruit to be the best player

Louisville - Maybe? 

Florida - already lost to Florida State and UConn, they stink out loud

This is just where we are right now in the sport. It's the first year in a long time that we can say there just isn't a great team. Part of it is the weak freshman class. Part of it is a bunch of the upperclassmen leaving because of two-way contracts. Whatever it is, it's why there's probably going to be at least 5 teams ranked No. 1 at some point this year. 

Now, there have been some pleasant surprises and teams that look fine. Arizona, Oregon, Ohio State. They all look like they are top-15 teams without a doubt. But in the grand scheme of things it goes back to what I originally said. There are 20 teams that feel like, yeah, sure, they can be a top-10 team. There's no guarantees this year. 

Florida is a perfect example of this. Everyone thought they were a top-5 to 7 team coming into the year, especially when Kerry Blackshear decided to grad transfer there. It felt like an overreaction. This team is comprised of a bunch of sophomores that had to take a jump to go with Blackshear learning a new system to go with 5-star freshmen Scottie Lewis and Tre Mann. Guess what? Andrew Nembhard has not taken the jump. The entire team is shooting like shit (24%). Blackshear is fine, he's a steady 15/11 but that's not enough to win games against power 6 schools. They legit don't do anything well right now on the offensive side of the ball. Defense is fine, especially when they run Scottie Lewis at the top of the 1-3-1. But guess what? They stink. 

I don't even think this is a hot take at this point. If anything it's what everyone is saying. Every team stinks. It's also awesome because guess what? We're going to get a crazy tournament which is what everyone loves. This isn't even a take that is every year. That typically is reserved for 'this is the weakest bubble ever.' I'm going the opposite way. The top of the rankings all stink. 

PS: Can't wait for the tournaments starting this week. Nothing better than day time hoops. 

PPS: Kentucky is still the best team in the country, everyone knows losses to Evansville don't count when multiple people are injured.