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New Zealand Dude Carves Out Sleeping Space In The Ceiling To Avoid Doing Work

New ZealandA man accused of going to great lengths to avoid doing work – including carving out a sleeping space in his office ceiling – has won his case for unjustified dismissal. Francis Hudson, a former employee of Japanese Spares Limited (JSL), took his case to the Employment Relations Authority after being fired by the company last in January last year. He claimed he had a personal grievance and was unjustifiably dismissed after working as a delivery person and storeman for JSL. This was rejected by the company, which provided evidence to the Authority that Mr Hudson had devised sly methods of getting out of work. His former manager, Mr Shameem Khan, told the Authority that during Mr Hudson’s 19 months with the company, he had caught him sleeping during working hours in a space carved through the ceiling of the third floor of their building on numerous occasions. The use of the space was a safety hazard as the ceiling had collapsed inwards and the structural integrity of the cross-beams had been compromised, Mr Khan said. JSL also told the Authority a construction company had provided a quote of more than $37,000 for fixing the carved-out ceiling space – however it was unclear whether all the damage had been caused by Mr Hudson. Mr Khan said that in addition to using the ceiling space for napping, Mr Hudson also hid in the building during work hours, slept in car parks when he was supposed to be delivering parts, refused to follow management instructions and drove the forklift despite being unlicensed, causing damage to parts. Despite this, JSL was ordered to pay Mr Hudson $1795.34 in lost wages and compensation.

January 2nd, 2014 and we already have a nominee for Mailman of the Year. Taking George Costanza’s sleep under the desk, combining it with his handicap bathroom, and adding his own twist by taking it to the ceiling. A MailTime cave up in the sky. Its one thing if you’re just dicking around. You can do that right at your cube out in the open. But when you wanna actually go to sleep – shut down your consciousness for a few hours – you gotta take it to the next level.

My question is how do you get into a ceiling cave? If its a 3rd floor ceiling cave do you go in through the top? Like through the ground on the 4th floor? Or it something this guy legitimately climbed into every day when it was nap time? I’m just picturing a Cube Monkey stacking up boxes and shelves and shit to make it to the ceiling. Pushing up one of those asbestos tiles and climbing in to take a nap. Either way, round of applause for Francis Hudson. He doesn’t just talk the MailTime talk. He walks the walk or in this case sleeps the sleep.