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Wake Up With Pope John Paul II In Central Park

The Chicago Bears are so bad I've done nothing but watch old mass videos on youtube of the Pope balling out in front of millions. I'm searching endlessly for the answers to our salvation and I think I might be on to something. He says here repeatedly throughout his sermon that we shouldn't blame Mitch but rather seek to forgive him. It's not his fault Nagy completely sucks at calling a game, leading a team and answering basic fucking questions about the injury report. So find it in your heart to forgive Mitch even if you can't. That opens up a lot more blame for Nagy and Pace and honestly guys it feels so much better to hate them. 

So that's where I'm channeling my forgiveness this week. Probably not how the Catholic church drew it up 2,019 years ago but also they probably also didn't see the Bears dropping from 12-4 to 4-6 in 2019. 

When you think about it like that, it becomes a lot easier to process and move on. Or at least that's what I'm telling myself because knowing that Susanna will always be a distant memory. Sucks but that's why it's called LIFE and not FUN.