Klay Thompson, Ripped Out Of His Gourd, Attempts To Hit A Tree With A Rock

Klay’s been hitting the trees alright, just not with this rock. I love Klay Thompson, completely unironically. Klay rules. Every once in a while he’ll randomly drop 60 points in three quarters and will dribble like five total times that entire game. On top of that he’s just always way too high for his own good. Naturally his rehab is going according to plan. And by plan I mean he’s just walking through nature, enjoying life with his model girlfriend, and chucking rocks at trees. That “Dang it!” he dropped when he was told that he missed – because he cannot open his eyes wide enough to know where that rock went – was so pure. I hope Klay does take the entire year off like Kerr suggested. Not because I don’t want him to play basketball, I very much do. I’m just much more interested in seeing what kind of hijinks he can get himself into with nothing but free time on his hands.