Please Tell Me Someone Commemorated Their Trip To FedEx Field Yesterday With This $35 Shirt

PLEASE tell me someone picked one of these up yesterday at the game. I’ve never wanted a shirt so bad in my life. And for the low, low price of $35, no less! That’s a steal and a half. How will Dan Snyder pay for his new yacht when he’s basically giving away merch???

There are certain games you just want to keep in your mind forever. When you are old and have your grandson bouncing on your knee, there are certain games you want to pass down your memories of like you’re the Giver and he’s Jonas. Super Bowls, RG3’s debut, and of course the November 17th, 2019 regular season game vs the Jets. The game when the Jets came into your home and dominated whistle to whistle. When the Oline laughed in Dwayne Haskins’ face. When J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS chants filled the air. When rock bottom got even lower.

Hopefully someone was able to get one of these shirts before they sold out. I’m sure they were just flying off the shelves. I wouldn’t even wear it. Frame that bad boy. Have it be the talking point of your living room. Or buy this one instead!