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Dwayne Haskins Begging His Oline To Help Him And Them Laughing In His Face Is Yet Another Example Of The Damn Good Culture

God this made me sad. Dwayne Haskins is pleading with his offensive line, asking what he can do to make their lives easier, and they don’t give a FUCK.Tony Bergstrom is literally laughing in his face. He’s like “dude, they’re paying us to lose to the Jets, the direct deposit is still going to go through, why do you care?”

Screen Shot 2019-11-17 at 11.01.56 PM

I mean Bergstrom is really out here smirking, rolling his eyes, and laughing. Dude hasn’t blocked someone since 6th grade and he is laughing? Why not try to help the rookie QB while you steal paychecks from Dan Snyder? Fucks sake.

No reaction from Scherff, a supposed leader. Not a peep from anyone else. Haskins knows he has something to prove, he is trying to rally his Oline, and they’ve already given up. It’s one one of the toughest things I’ve seen in a while. The poor rookie QB doing everything he can to be a leader, and the team has already quit on him. It sucks. They couldn’t even acknowledge Haskins. They couldn’t even say “you’re right, even though we’re getting the doors blown off us by the Jets, we’ll try to help you out”. None of it. They had already called it a day. Pathetic.

But hey, what’s that Bruce Allen? Oh right, the culture is damn good!

Poor Dwayne Haskins. I hope he gets a fighting chance in this league. It’s hard enough to be a successful QB as it is, and he has the worst organization and front office in sports working against him too. He still has some developing to do, but we saw some flashes yesterday, like this throw to McLaurin

Of course it didn’t count, but Haskins has all the tools, he’s just raw and needs a couple of weapons besides Terry to throw to. I think his WRs/TEs dropped close to 10 balls yesterday, it was a shit show.

It sucks that he’s starting his career behind the 8ball. Worst owner, worst front office, coaching changes, no Oline, no weapons on offense. The culture though…damn good!