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The First Fat Fuck Bad Beat

As you know I have been on a ton of bad beats but this one takes the cake, I mean fuck this. It is amazing that these big ass lineman can’t just jump on a ball and sit on it. I need to sit down with this lineman who thought he was Joe Namath while he was on his fucking back. What was his plan? What did you think you had a guy waiting on the one for you so you can run it back 99 yards. No you just were no thinking at all and the only reasoning you can have is you bet the 49ers.

The worstpart of this all was the 49ers had the ball with 26 seconds on the Cardinals 30 and went 4 and out. Didn’t kick a field goal to go up 7, instead they just got stopped on 4th and 1 and then that shit happened. Nobody in this world deserves that kind of pain. I was politely eating my macaroni and cheese during that play and now theres fucking cheese on my couch. Yeah, I went 6-2 today because I am a sharp but that one still hurts to the core.