How Are YOU Getting Ready For NFL Sunday? Week 11 is Here.

Welcome to Week 11, where teams are jockeying for playoff positioning more than ever today. Who will emerge as playoff contenders, and who will end up on the wrong side of the Loser Leaves Town contests? Well, according to Sam Darnold, his Jets are very much alive in the playoff picture. And luckily for the USC product, Mr. Commenter has the perfect game plan for the QB:

Not a bad recommendation. I'd trust Mr. Commenter as a head coach any day of the week. How are the AWL's prepping for this glorious football Sunday?

Not a bad way to go, especially if you think history will repeat itself. But will the Dolphins make it THREE wins in a row? Only time will tell.

Yikes. It is fitting that this entire debacle comes around at the front end of the holiday season. Is Myles Garrett going to end up on the Naughty List? I'd lean towards yes.

These entries with the name puns always get me. Coaches around the NFL seem to be running out of ways to try and dethrone Bill Belichick, so will this be the one that breaks through?

This guy has a point, unless one team gives Kap a chance. We shall see.



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