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Here's Everything That Happened With Colin Kaepernick's Workout In Atlanta Today


When it was announced the other day that Colin Kaepernick would be a 32-year old attending a throwing combine typically reserved for college prospects prior to an NFL Draft, I genuinely had no idea why he agreed to do it. It was certainly a damned if you do, damned if you don’t scenario. If he doesn’t attend – SEE, he doesn’t even want to play in the League anymore. If he did attend – SEE he missed throws, he’s out of shape, this is why he isn’t in the League anymore. So, he had to go.

The NFL brought in Hue Jackson and Joe Philbin to run the workout. Hue Jackson. That Hue Jackson, the bad one that stinks and lost his job to Freddie Kitchens and didn’t win a game on a Sunday the entire time he was the Cleveland Browns head coach. It was to be a private event, taped by NFL cameras, and run by Hue Jackson. So Colin Kaepernick agreed, in principal, and decided to get Nike involved. Let’s make this a commercial. The NFL agreed. They had to. Nike sponsors Kaepernick and also holds the contract for the NFL’s uniforms. Let us film the entire workout, too. The NFL big time disagreed. Kaep left, went to a high school, brought his own receivers, and opened it to the media.

He threw in shorts to uncovered receivers with no pressure in his face. Combines are dumb for college quarterbacks, they certainly make little sense for 32-year olds with plenty of game film readily available. He spoke to the media after he threw. He thanked them for continuing to tell his story. He called out the NFL and said he’s been a free agent this whole time. Nothing new was learned. The people who thought he stunk yesterday still think he stinks. The people who support him still support him. There’s no chance he gets signed, despite how strange that Schefter tweet from an unnamed executive reads given the years of muddled silence from the majority of the front offices League wide. Nike will put out a commercial, a new pair of shoes, and keep making money on both sides of this.