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Rate PMT's Old Intern Jake's Call On Vermont's Game Winner At St. John's

I love it! What a call. I mean, sure, taking Vermont ML and being a huge John Becker fan helps but Jake nails this call. Listen to the difference between him and the TV call. Not even close. It's like he listened to Sorrentine from the parking lot and got ready for this. Anthony Lamb is that good. Vermont is that good. This is a program that can be a top-11 seed in the NCAA Tournament and win a game. John Becker should be on every single coaching list in America that's not a blue blood. 

But back to Jake. What. A. Call. 'Still looking, still looking.' Then he gets to the time. Then he lets us know EXACTLY where Lamb is. "IT'S GOOD." Dude nailed it. A+.

Obligatory GOAT Vermont call.