It's Official: Tua Is Out For The Season With A Dislocated Hip

A brutal break for Alabama, but you've got to feel more for Tua. He was on path to be the #1 pick in the NFL draft and now his entire football career may be in question. 

From what I'm reading, a dislocation of the hip is a car crash type injury. Just incredibly unlucky. 

Now, what for Alabama? I assume they'll go with Mac Jones at QB. Their chances at making the CFP stay the same in my mind, especially if they blow out Auburn. The big issue would be once they get there because they are most likely a 7+ point worse team without Tua. I wouldn't be shocked if they are underdogs/short favorites to Auburn in the Iron Bowl without Tua. 

The biggest thing here is whether or not this will lead to a change in how future #1 picks play in the college game. Will Trevor Lawrence sit out next year? I say it's a low chance, but this could change things.