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Talking Shit Down FIFTY (50) Points Is A Wild Move

Before I touch on the dunk and shit talking I’d like to make one thing clear: King Rice is a tremendous name. While I’m out on Monmouth basketball at this particular moment in time, I have the utmost confidence King Rice will eventually turn things around. But right now they’ve got some things to figure out, like how to take a loss.

It’s college basketball. When you’re Monmouth and go to Kansas you’re going to get ran by 50. That’s just how college basketball works. Evansville already had the improbable upset over a top ranked team, everyone else is on high alert at the moment. Exactly zero people care that you got run out of the gym. Most alive human beings still don’t know this game even took place. When I first saw this I thought: alright, it’s the end of the game. #5 probably just got some burn at the end of the game when things were extremely out of hand. He was probably just ready to get out of Kansas. But he played 17 minutes, sixth most on the team. Buddy was every bit as responsible for this whooping as the starting five. If he had just stolen this ball and dunked it probably would have gone viral among college basketball fans because it would have been a great lesson about playing til the final buzzer and some other Disney channel bullshit. Instead, he flexed down 50. You can’t flex down 50. Not on King Rice’s squad.