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Two and a Half Gamblers: Canadian Excursion

So yesterday was quite the day. Me, Paul Lo Duca, and Big Tennessee took off for the Great White North. That's right, we went to Canada. Big T had told Paul and I earlier in the week how he was going to Canada to watch his beloved Volunteers play in an odd basketball tournament of sorts in Toronto this weekend. Now, Toronto, is my favorite city on Earth, bar none, so when we heard this we immediately started thinking of how we could turn this into content. Turns out there is an enormous amount of sports to gamble on in the Toronto area this weekend. We decided to drive up, gamble on the Bruins/Leafs game, go to Woodbine Saturday afternoon, hit the Vols game Saturday night and then attend the CFL Eastern Conference Final in Hamilton on Sunday afternoon.  Paulie and I are also putting up $1,000 in a competition between ourselves. We will gamble on each of those events and whoever is up the most (or down the least), will win the $1,000 (Canadian money). After last night, we each bet the Maple Leafs and they lost, we are each down $100 heading to Woodbine today.

Along the way Big T is gambling a bit as well, but those stakes were a little high for him. What he did provide, was the voice of a damned angel. Somewhere in New Jersey, Party in the USA comes on the radio and this Big Orange Bastard just starts belting it out at full throat. It was amazing. From there he sang for about four of the next six hours. If you missed it, here are some highlights:

By the time we cleared the border and were in Canada, Big T was really feeling himself. A change was occurring in the young man from Tennessee. Also, we were all a little delirious. Big T was shouting something about Big Canada Energy.


By the time we arrived in Toronto we checked into our hotels and went to grab dinner before the Leafs game. We decided to watch said game at Crocodile Rock, which was a recommendation from one of our many Toronto Stoolies. As soon as we walked in a group of Stoolies grabbed us and offered us Jaeger bombs. Paulie and I partook in them while Big T schmoozed the group. Our Canadian Stoolies might be the best group of people I've ever met. These dudes, led by Canadian Steve, were unbelievable polite, gracious and awesome to all of us. We stayed, watched the game, hung out and invited them to watch the Tiger-Cats-Eskimos game with us Sunday.

 Oh yeah, along the way Big T took the sexiest fucking photo he will ever take in his big, orange life.

Just an unbelievable transformation. Now, Saturday morning, we head to Woodbine where I will dominate Lo Duca and take a lead in our gambling competition. We will attempt to teach Big T to handicap horses and get ready for the Volunteers game tonight. 

Gambling Scoreboard After Day One:

LoDuca: -$100

BlackJack: -$150

P.S. Big T not to secretly really loves Canada. It's the most liberal thing he's ever felt in his life.