Does This Look Like A Pound Of Meth Found Inside A Woman's Vagina?



(AZ)Today in Found at the Border: A woman was caught trying to smuggle a pound of meth into the United States by hiding the stash in her vagina, according to authorities. A federal complaint says agents noticed part of a broken condom hanging out of 31-year-old Claudia Ibarra’s pants as they patted her down at the port of entry in San Luis on Tuesday. Ibarra, a U.S. citizen, was chosen for a pat-down because a Customs and Border Protection officer noticed she was acting very nervous. Once officers found the broken condom during a pat-down in a secured room, officers asked Ibarra to remove her pants and underpants. Ibarra complied, and one officer “was able to see a piece of plastic protruding from her groin area,” according to the federal complaint. “At that time, Ibarra admitted to having a package of methamphetamine concealed inside of her body,” the complaint states.


Know who’s the real loser in this situation? It’s not Claudia Ibarra, although she’s probably going to jail. It’s not her drug dealing boss, although he lost a pound of product. It’s whoever was fucking Claudia Ibarra. He’ll never be able to get this image out of his head and he’ll never feel adequate again. Nothing worse than finding out your girls number or that she used to fuck a guy hung like a Clydesdale or that one time she shoved a pound of meth the size of a baby inside her. Doesn’t even matter that she double bagged it, this is one image that would make Lex Steel feel like a 12 year old Asian kid.