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The Eagles Having Jay Ajayi Sign His New Contract With A Quill Pen Means One Thing And One Thing Only


Wow. What a move, eh? I mean who even has one of those bad boys just laying around? Is it because Jay Ajayi is from London and that's how they learn how to write? I wouldn't even think people would still know how to wield one of those puppies around. But the Eagles are getting the gang back together, they're running it back, and the Birds are going to War. You don't break out the quill pen unless you mean business. The Declaration of Independence and now the signing of Jay Ajayi's return to the Eagles. We're about to go 1776 all over the New England Patriots and their tyrannous reign on Sunday. 

Stomp clap, stomp clap, stomp stomp clap, stomp clap.