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Christian Yelich Just MURDERED Yu Darvish In Cold Blood

Tweets leading up to this below here

Oh my god we have a dead body on a Friday night! People are leaving work, reading to consume copious amounts of alcohol to try to forget the work week happened, and in the midst of all of this Christian Yelich has taken it upon himself to destroy Yu Darvish and everything he stands for. HE'S PISSED. You think he's still a tad heated after losing the MVP award to Bellinger yesterday? Yeah, I'd say he's a little ticked off. Yu Darvish asked for it by poking the bear and hinting that Yelich might have been getting signs from somewhere. Now he's dead. You come at the king, you best not miss. 

By the way, Yelich career vs. Darvish: 4 for 11 2 homers OPS 1.409. King. 

With the Astros cheating scandal hot in the news, everything is on the table. Now everyone is going to look into every team and see who was doing what. Here we have a Brewers-Cubs video between Yelich and Yu Darvish. We're told to look at Yelich's eyes as he appears to look towards left center for something. Could be something. Could be nothing. Everyone is going to start losing their minds over every little thing over the coming months. There's chaos in the streets of baseball. I love it.