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Apparently Ben Affleck Didn't Think Anyone Would Notice If He Lifted The Script From Mighty Ducks To Make A Basketball Movie

WOW! Compelling trailer for the latest Ben Affleck project, “The Way Back”. A former standout athlete, turned alcoholic gets thrust into a coaching job he didn’t want. He leads a group of kids who haven’t had any success and turns them into a winner. And even though the coach led a group of rag tag kids to prominence, it’s safe to say that the coach learned more from the kids than they learned from him!

Image result for eye roll gif

Gee, where have I seen that before?

If Affleck fucks the mother of one of his players then this is straight up plagiarism. I mean there’s even a Charlie Conway-esque character that Affleck has a heart-to-heart with. How is this allowed? It’s one thing if you try to remake and modernize a movie. Studios do that all the time. Affleck and Netflix are acting like he didn’t get high one night, fall asleep with FreeForm on his tv and wake up with a great “idea” for a movie. The only thing that is left up to debate is if the Affleck character can be a bigger scumbag than Gordon Bombay. That is a tall task. Probably impossible.

PS: Reminder…Bombay is the worst coach whoever lived