Stay Hot, Cleveland!

Quick little Friday afternoon social media pop quiz to take us into the weekend. If your star teammate just got suspended for the year after swinging a helmet at an opposing player's head in a sport where everyone is already hypersensitive about player safety, which caused the entire sports world to lose its mind, should you:

A. Tweet out a picture of you standing over another opposing player that looks like he took a Riddell to the dome


B. Do pretty much anything else

I guess there should be a C, which is tweet out the picture then delete it like 20 minutes later, which Mack Wilson did here. But I think the answer is probably B, unless the Browns are positioning themselves to take the throne of the bad boys of the NFL from the Raiders. And if that's the case, congratulations, because they appear to be well on their way considering how seamlessly they fit into the very real and very preposterous old school NFL Today intro that shows how much the league has changed

shout out our guy Heavens for that mashup

All of this season, and especially the last 24 hours, is a reminder that certain teams will continue to be circus sideshow no matter who the Jimmys and the Joes are. And I say that as a fan of a team that actually tweeted shit like this out mere hours after Derek Rose decided to disappear off the face of the Earth without telling anyone.

I thought this could be the season the Browns and Jets left miserable teams like the Knicks and Mets behind. However based on what we've seen so far, that is more certainly NOT the case. And while I do feel bad for their fans, the phrase misery loves company may be the truest phrase ever uttered. Especially when the two most popular players on the Browns couldn't keep my football team's name out of their mouth despite playing in a completely different conference. What a shame.

P.S. I guess this video is not only evergreen but also ages like a fine wine.