If You're Not Rooting For Melo You Have No Soul


This move to Portland shows that not only Melo (who turned down Portland in 2018) is more desperate than ever, but so are the Blazers. While the deal sort of works for both parties, the details are a bit sad. Melo signed a non-guaranteed contract Thursday worth less than a luxury watch (A little more than 14k) and Portland was forced to pick up a player that has been "persona non grata" since his exit from Houston. 

But no matter what you say about how much Melo's game has declined or whether you think he was selfish as a player in his prime (or even after), if you're not rooting for him to succeed, you have no soul. 

Melo never gave up. He posted mixtape after mixtape with Chris Brickley from Lifetime Fitness, he gave us loads of spiritual inspiration via Instagram. Mostly, (I believe) he stayed ready. 

We should all draw inspiration from Carmelo's determination, patience and mental fortitude. Imagine having the accolades he has along with being one of the highest paid power-forwards of all time and then being completely "unfuckwithable". 

The fall from grace is heartbreaking.

Carmelo's name has largely been sullied in the non-professional athlete NBA universe (fans, media, trolls) but please, I beg you, do not stoop to this level. As they say, "God don't like ugly". Root for Melo. Get on Youtube and watch him get buckets. Yes, I know that the Blazers stink defensively on the perimeter and that Melo's ability to defend isn't one of his strong points, but Portland NEEDS buckets. More specifically, Dame and CJ need another offensive weapon. And as a long time Blazer fan, my sanity is intrinsically linked to his ability to pull Portland out of the gutter. 

Here's hoping.