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“Fuck You Everybody! Fuck You Ok?! Fuck You Gigi Datome! Shame On You!" - What An All Time Timeout Rant By Fenerbahce Beko Coach Željko Obradović

OK I admit, I don't really know the context to this video. I have no idea what Fenerbahçe did in this game to warrant such a reaction from their coach but I sure as shit know he now has his team's full attention. Listen different coaches have different motivation styles so who are we to say this isn't the best tactic. You can get mad like this, you can be passive aggressive and simply not even speak to your team, you can be like Brad Stevens and not get mad, just be disappointed, different strokes for different folks etc etc. 

But one thing I will not stand for is coming at Celtics legend Gigi Datome. How dare this dickhead. Doesn't he know where his bread is buttered? You don't embarrass your franchise player. Now I'm simply assuming Digi is their franchise player despite his 4.6 points per game on 35/41% shooting because as we saw a few years ago Digi fucking rules 

So right off the bat I now have beef with this Bobby Knight wannabe. I will say though, I did appreciate how he started this rant by telling everyone they are good guys before unleashing hell. Classic build you up to break you down strategy. My guess is this is from today's game that they lost 88-70 to CSKA Moscow? Again not really sure of the context and Digi only had 6 points but didn't turn it over or anything so I'm not sure what the big deal is. He only played 16 minutes so maybe put the blame on someone else ya dickhead. 

Personally, I'd love to see this stuff translate over to the NBA. You can't tell me coaches like Pop haven't wanted to unleash like this. Drop a couple F bombs and tell LaMarcus Aldridge to stop being a negative every time he's on the floor. Or maybe Quinn Snyder, he seems like he's angry all the damn time. I'd also like to see David Fizdale not give a fuck since he's about to be fired and unleash hell on that brutal roster. I see no downsides to NBA coaches adopting this method.

But seriously, I'm gonna need Obradovic to lay off my man Digi Datome. Have some damn respect for walking legends.